about BiiThro’s

This blog is to share our journey thru’ life. Life that is happy, beautiful, with its ups and downs. And ours means Al Bobii Gemino, El Jethro Gemino, and me – their lucky “mom” 🙂

The boys love traveling very much! Unfortunately, I can’t take them everywhere I go because of the thing call “regulation” if we want to carry them when traveling by public transport (including the plane!) – where they have to go thru’ the “quarantine” – which I don’t have the heart to do (can’t imagine leaving them to be quarantined 😦

And in our city and country (again, unfortunately) not so many public places allow us to bring our fury family members there! I wish one day Jakarta will provide more public places access so our fury family members can have they fun day out too – and the pack leaders will be more responsible taking care of their fury family member while in the public *fingers crossed*

Anyway, Bobii and Jethro (BiiThro) also love the beach – swimming is their fave sport – especially Jethro, and iced coffee (this one is my “fault”, hehehe)! But they don’t like the color purple, tho’ I stubbornly make them wear purple sometime 😀

Enjoy our story, enjoy life – like we always do! ❤

Ps. All pictures on BiiThro’s are ours unless stated otherwise 🙂


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