(half) South Sulawesi road trip.

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to places that not many people might have. During my many work trips, I always try to spend couple of days exploring the place I visit, and if possible, the neighbouring area as well.

On my recent work trip, I took a road trip in half part of South Sulawesi, from Makassar to Bira, Bulukumba, covering one city and five districts and about 200 km long 😀 Started from Makassar city, Gowa district, Takalar district, Jeneponto district (the longest one), Bantaeng district and finally Bulukumba district!

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.26.30 PM
the road trip map 😀

Thankfully the road along the trip is good, unlike when I was on my first road trip in this lane. And since it was rainy season, the view is very beautiful, dominated by green and blue, from the trees to the mountain and sea ❤

Losari beach after rain
green Jeneponto like a painting
it’s mango season! you can find these fresh mango along the road
a must visit bread shop in Bantaeng
a break for a snack: fried meatball
road between Jeneponto – Bantaeng
the welcome gate to Bantaeng
Bantaeng city

What I love about road trip is that we can stop anywhere at our convenient time and no rushing, we can fully enjoy the trip itself ❤ !  

view of Makassar city
the famous floating mosque in Makassar

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