I love the blue of Indonesia: Bara beach!

During my work related trip to Bulukumba (about 4 hours drive from Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi province), I took days off to Bira beach (another hour drive from Bulukumba) – famous for its beautiful beach, blue ocean and white sand! I decided to not stay in Bira since it’s too crowded, but instead drove further to Bara beach that visited by less people and more secluded, if I may say 😀

Port of Bira
my private beach
i love the blue of Indonesia ❤
having the beach all for myself!

I always love beach, and Bara beach is just stunning! I stayed at Baracoco Bungalows that has private access to the beach! I spent my three days there just simply did nothing 🙂 Enjoying the beautiful view of the blue ocean from the hammock hanging in the terrace, reading book, sitting on the white sand, playing with the waves, taking beautiful pictures, being amazed by the beautiful sunsets, feeling the breeze, just enjoying my days off in the middle of the week (who wouldn’t love it, eh?) ❤

day one: sunset
the blue of Bira beach
my fave moment ❤

Since in Bira already, islands-hopping is a must do! There are view islands in Bira that offer world-class snorkelling and diving, and since I don’t dive, I only rented a boat to two islands: Kambing (goat) and Liukang. Renting a boat in Bira costs between USD40-70 for a day. The underwater view around Kambing island is amazing! Colourful corals, fish, plants, if you love snorkelling or diving then you will love it there! While in Liukang island – you can have a playdate with super cute sea-turtles, swimming with them or just hanging around 😀



snorkelling in Kambing island


can never get enuf picture of sunset!
the sky is just beautifully amazing!

Things to bring if you stay in Bara beach, mosquito lotion and of course sunblock! Boracoco  doesn’t have AC in all its 5 bungalows, that’s why you need to put on the lotion before going to sleep. But hey, who needs AC if you can have fresh air and breeze anyway?

more than words can say..
last day of my Bara beach weekdays getaway 🙂

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