the 1000 islands, Toronto

Not much to say on this particular area of the “1000 island”! You can cruise the area from both Canadian and US side, where you will experience the life of the supa rich people who have their own island, where every island has their own house and the jetty/yacht/boat garage, yep, you read it rite, people 😀 And these people (so the guide told us) commuting by their private yacht-ferry-boat-whatever they call it on daily basis! Superb, eh? I would love to live like that *winks* ❤ 😀

What amazed me more is there even a house in one island (located in Canada) connected to the side-yard in another island (located in the US territory)! I mean, what is that? People can be so rich, eh? Maybe that what happens when you have so much money, you can just think “I want to have a house in Canada and the side-yard is in the US!” then BAM! There it is! Don’t you just love it? Seriously ❤ Bobii and Jethro will surely love living here (I guess) 😀 😛

Well, these are some of the pictures I took during the cruise (including that one particular house) and I think I don’t have to put any caption, aight?




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