True Unconditional Endless Love


best couple!

If I ever be asked what I remember about my parents, I would definitely say that they show me that such true, unconditional and endless love does exist!

My parents got married on January 27, 1973. When my father passed away on May 23, 1991,  my mother was very devastated and left heartbroken, I can’t even imagine her feeling when her true love was taken away from her. And until the day my mother passed away on December 15, 2009, she remained loyal to my father, her forever love.

happy us three
family weekend trip

I remember my father sang to me his fave song and told me that the song is about his feeling for my mom. “Na sonang do hita nadua, saleleng au rap do hot ho. Nang ro dinasari natua, sai tong ingoton hu do ho…” – “We are happy and will always be happy as long as I am with you. Even when we grow old, you will always be in my heart..” – It’s Batak (where my father is from) song. And whenever he sang the song, I could always see the smile on his face ❤

summer break holiday
forever love

My mother, she also has a special song for my father, End of the World. “…Don’t they know it’s the end of the world, it ended when I lost your love…” – She started singing the song after my father passed away. And sometimes I saw tears dropped on her face and I would pretend I didn’t see that. She never wanted me to see her cry and always hid her tears away from me 😦

truest and endless love
na sonang do hita na dua

We had our big family gathering every once in a month where we sang, played card, chitchatted, danced, and guess who the best dancers were? My parents, of course! Dad can be very romantic and cheesy when he wanted and made Mom blushed everytime! As their child, I never saw them fought, argued, or yelled at each other. They always laughed, worked on the crossword puzzle together, talked, played cards, all the good things! I am very lucky to have only great memories of them! They’re simply my fave couple ever!

my unconditional love!
world’s best parents!

If they are still here, they’ll be celebrating their 43rd anniversary. I believe that they’re happily celebrating their anniversary up in heaven, rainbow light dinner, dancing on the clouds, and looking down to earth to see their daughter missing them, praying for them, and they would blow zillion kisses, send endless hugs and love for me ❤

Happy Anniversary MamaPapa.

Im so very proud to be your daughter.

Love, kisses, hugs.


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