iced coffee

My fave drink has always been iced coffee! Why? Because I love ice and I love coffee! But never offer me a cup of hot coffee coz’ I’ll surely have to say “thanks, but nope!”

Iced mocha
My “official” iced coffee glass ath the office

Whenever I hang out with my friends, colleagues, bffs or sisters, at any cafe, I would definitely opt for iced coffee, be it mocha, caramel, tiramisu, late, any kind of iced coffee 🙂 Same at the office. Every morning when all of my colleagues busy brewing their hot coffee (or tea) – I’ll be busy making my iced coffee, and they’re all like “really? iced? this early?” – every morning! 😀

Iced Mexicano
the currently “happening” Affogato
Iced coffee with baileys

To me, coffee tastes waaaay better when it’s served cold, always 🙂

As my fave coffee is of course Gayo, a highland in Aceh, Sumatera! But I also love Toraja coffee (South Sulawesi) and some others from different parts of Indonesia! Yes, we have coffee from all over our rich country! Including Sumatera, Sulawesi, Papua, Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Java… You just have to try them all and chose your fave *winks*

Iced tiramisu

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