Seriously…I’m kidding

Ellen Degeneres. You know her, rite? The voice of Dori in the Finding Nemo? The host of her own talk show? And apparently she has written three books! I never knew this, why? I mean, for someone who loves books? Oh well…

When I was in the bookstore, I accidently saw Ellen’s face on a book cover, tawt it was a magz 😀 So I bought the book and read it straight away once I got home. Reading it is like listening to Ellen telling the story herself! It is funny, entertaining, will make you laugh from page to page! Seriously, Im not kidding, hahaha 😀

Since this is my first Ellen’s book, Im thinking of buying her other two books which unfortunately are not available in my country, guess I have to order it online. But as a first time reader, I can say that I really love her book, the stories… You’ll love it too if you like (and need) some good humor and laughter 🙂

Im posting here some parts of the book so you can enjoy it too!


Thanks Ellen! Seriously… I’m kidding 🙂


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