days at the 9th floor (so long)

When I decided to join this project, I tawt (wished – actually *grinning*) I will make to the end of it, but who knew, eh, that something came in the way and made me change my mind and decided to leave earlier.

me and the VIPs ❤
our fave hang out place off the 9th floor!

Well, anyway, I do have much fun, great memories, laughter, happiness, made good friends, got my lessons, met another unnecessary colleague whom I wished I never have met (but God knows better, and this colleague was one of my lessons), learned lots of new things from my other great colleagues, and the good list goes on!

Throwback to 2014, the launching of MFP3.
“emergency” meeting

18 mos is quite long period for me to work in a project (after BRCS I never stayed more than one year in a project, dunno why, just happened) – guess I have exceeded my own expectation and broken the “curse” hahahaha 😀

ladies in pink, and it’s not even valentine yet *blinking*

Lemme thank these following people in MFP3 for making my life at the 9th floor of Dipo Business Centre bearable and full of great memories ❤

Ibu #SmitaNotosusanto our Programme Director – working with you was such valuable lesson for me, Ibu, thank you! Ibu #AngelManembu our MEL Advisor – thanks for the zillion skills and knowledge on MEL, Ibu, really appreciate it! Mba #JuliaKalmirah – the brain and heart of MFP, love you mba Ijul, much! Acin #DwiRahardiani, ayuk Yaya #NurkaCahyaningsih, pak #AgusDjailani,  bapake #WidyaWicaksana, mba Nunung #NurAmalia, mba #NurhayatiJawa (we are two mos apart, hehehe)

wearing sunglasses made from #legalwood
afternoon break

Kang #StepiHakim, bang #RikardoSimarmata, pak #AsepSuntana, ibu Yanti #SriHardijanti, the one and only mr. #Tatang, pak #Sofyan, our IT guy #AndriDaon, mama Bocco #NurliaWuliyanti, kakak Aya #SorayaSuperMom, neng #RannieAxl, mama Aiko #RiriRidolfi, pak #Saman who keeps me save during the many drivings 🙂 #Ardy – all the best bro! #Anisa, neng #Ratih (only two days apart, eh, Mba? hahaha), #DesrinaDewi – my lil “officesistah” *winks* – that’s all rite? 

endless eatings 😀
the 9th floor

Lastly, to my #MEL team, thanks a bunch!

MEL Work Planning… One of those days..

World is indeed small (so people say!). May our path cross again, someday, somewhere, somehow! From my humble heart I wish all the best for MFP3 and everyone!

Second Steering Committee Meeting
Third Steering Committee Meeting (actually my last one, guess that’s why I’m so happy in this pic, eh? nyahahhaa 😛 )

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