Sai Bumi Ruwa Jurai

Work has again brought me to Lampung, the entrance province of Sumatera island. Last time I was here was in 2011 (for work too). 

What has significantly changed is the “traffic”!

View from room 604 - Bukit Barisan
View from room 604 – Bukit Barisan

 There was no traffic when I last was here. But now? Traffic welcome us right away when we left the airport to get to our partner’s office. As Jakartan, I have enough traffic everyday when I have to commute, so finding another traffic outside Jakarta is very annoying 😦

I stayed at this hotel located in the city central with good view of the city and surrounding hills.

Night ligths over Bandarlampung
Night ligths over Bandarlampung

After the meeting, my colleague and I took the “angkot” – a public transportation (since apparently taxi is very rare in Bandarlampung) to get to the souvenirs shop. As expected, it took an hour to get to the shop since the route of “angkot” is “kinda” circling the city.

Got back to the hotel, I directly ran towards the shower and went to sleep. Twas very tiring “sightseeing” of the city by “angkot” 😛


The following day, we checked out of the hotel and went to our partner’s office again for a follow up meeting. Thankfully, they are very nice and professional people.

Off we go to the airport and head back home! 

Thankfully, the meeting with our partner was smooth and as expected. Very nice and professional people indeed.


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