BiiThro: Al Bobii and El Jethro Gemino

The story behind my blog name is because I love my two boys very much!

the bros getting along well, temporarily :)
the bros getting along well, temporarily 🙂

Al Bobii Gemino is 13 yo – a mix breed of German Shepherd, charming, handsome, very cool, super smart, loyal, and the best home-guard ever! Truly German Shepherd!

Jethro teasing his big bro, Bobii
Jethro teasing his big bro, Bobii

El Jethro Gemino however, just celebrated his first birthday, super cute, spoiled, funny, hyperactive, love to tease his big bro, lovable, all a Golden Retriever should be!

being adorable is what the Boys are very good at!
being adorable is what the Boys are very good at!

I love them both equally! Much! And since my job requires me to travel a lot, I always feel guilty whenever I have to leave them for days. They have their dog sitter and walker too, but I never like leaving them!

my happiness <3
my happiness

Whenever I get home after days of travel, the boys always welcome me happily, which makes me feel even more guilty of leaving them 😦 

Those who said that dogs are men’s best friends couldn’t be more wrong! Dogs are women’s best friends too! Even better than diamonds!

true unconditional love
true unconditional love

We just celebrated their birthday on May 30th. 

They’re 12 years apart but love each other much! Im very sure about that! Jethro because of his young age, really truly loves teasing his brother, biting Bobii’s leg, jumping onto him, waking him up when he is sleeping, stealing his food and snack. I guess that’s how he shows his love to his big brother.

Bobii, is a very cool big bro. He loves playing with his lil brother, but when he’s tired, he yells at Jethro telling that he needs a break. Then they usually will have 20 min break before they continue playing.

Drh. Yani, the boys’ Vet, always tells Jethro to not make Bobii too tired during play time. She adores the boys very much and surely the feeling is mutual 🙂

our lil birthday party!
our lil birthday party on May 30th!

I am very thankful to have them in my life. Can’t imagine life without the two of them with their loyalty and unconditional love. Stay healthy boys, long life! I love you both, very much!


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