Skipping Eid: the other side of Bangkok

It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog and imagine how pissed I was knowing that the blog provider that I used to share my posts on went down, and I couldn’t even retrieve my posts there! Damn!

So here I am restarting my journey on the blogging world…

It’s Sunday by the way, 19 July 2015, or the third day of Eid, Moslem’s biggest celebration.

As a Moslem, I used to celebrate Eid (yes, used to!), when my Mum was still around. Every last day of Ramadhan (the holy month where Moslem all over the world do our one month of fasting), my Mum was very busy with her annual “ritual”: cooking all her signature dishes, to name few: chicken rendang, chicken opor with pineapple, kuah buncis, maksubah cake, green cake, and the list goes on. And she always assigned me as her helper with all the peeling, chopping, frying, all the easy works (surely she wouldn’t believe me doing the real work!).

She passed away in 2005 and since then, I never celebrated Eid. Always find way to “run away” from Eid related “rituals” – because it would only remind me of her, how much I miss her (especially during this time of year), and all those sad kinda feeling which I hate.

So this year, I flew to Bangkok on the D-day. Yes day 1 of Eid.

I’ve been to Bangkok several times for work related thingy, and being back to Bangkok after quite some time shocked me with its endless traffic! Felt like Im back in Jakarta!

I stayed in Sukhumvit area but only realized that I actually stayed in the red light zone! After many visits to Bangkok, it was the first time I saw and experienced the other side of the city: Nana area! That is famous for its Nana Place – the world’s largest adults’ playground!

Nana Plaza

Along the road, girls (yes, girls!), women, transgenders, in very tight and super short dress – standing, leaning, sitting, offering their “massage” service to potential customers. Seeing this happening right before my eyes, the bargaining, the deals, made me sad. Life is hard for them. Whether it’s their choice or maybe they don’t even get to chose, Im not sure.

I guess it was the other side of Bangkok that I never knew before and got to experience this time. Taking a walk in the middle of the night in this area, all by myself, was such “experience” that make me ask myself: what the heck was I thinking? Well…

The reason I went to Bangkok aside from skipping Eid was actually to pamper myself! Shopping! Guess this is the side of Bangkok that Im comfortable with (for sure!). So the Asiatique and Chatuchack markets are my ultimate shopping destinations 🙂

Thai Handbag at Chatuchack Market
Bangkok Asiatique Night Market
Bangkok Asiatique Night Market

Well, I might be skipping Eid, but I definitely did not skip the two sides of Bangkok! Got new experience and new stuff from my shopping!

Wish you were with me, Mum, so we can shop like crazy!


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