Reisen Deutschland

When I say “travel Germany” – I actually mean Berlin and the Bavaria, not the whole country 🙂

the famous Brandenburger Tor
the famous Brandenburger Tor

I had the privilege to visit Germany in order to attend a conference held in Berlin! I’ve heard a lot about Berlin (and Germany) especially during the history classes. Yep, Hitler! So how excited I was when I finally got to go to where he used to rule!

Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Berlin Holocaust Memorial
Berlin wall, what remains
Berlin wall, what remains

During the conference I didn’t have enough time to explore Berlin, but I tried to at least visit places that I’ve heard many times before – like the -places-you-must-see-in-Berlin thingy, and managed to finally visit few. I stayed at One80HostelBerlin which in my opinion is located in a very strategic area. Close to my conference venue, to the Alexanderplatz, and to the Hop on Hop off bus station. It is a very nice hostel too! Really recommended 🙂

when modern meets classic
TV Tower: when modern meets classic
Umweltforum Auferstehungskirche, Berlin
Umweltforum Auferstehungskirche, Berlin (the IEPPEC 2014 Conference Venue)

While I was already in Germany, I decided to visit the beautiful state of Bavaria with its famous Alps and of course, the Schloss Neuschwanstein or Neuschwanstein Castle, the famous castle built by King Ludwig II. To get there, I had to take the overnight train to Munchen (that stop for 4 hours at Hamburg station!), and from Munchen another hour train to the city of Fussen. But twas worth all the journey! Beautiful castle indeed, and the surrounding view of the Alps is very astonishing! The city of Fussen itself is beautiful if you have the time to spend a night there (which unfortunately, I didn’t). And when you are there, try to also visit the the other castle: Hohenschwangau.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany
Hohenschwangau castle surrounded by the Alps
Hohenschwangau castle surrounded by the Alps
one of Germany's beautiful view
one of Germany’s beautiful view

I really wished I had more time to spend in Germany. There are still many interesting places in Berlin that I want to see, other parts of the Bavaria that I want to explore. Don’t worry, when I do (and it’s very soon I hope), I’ll take as many good pictures so people can “feel” the experience too 🙂

bis wir uns wiedersehen, Deutschland!


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