about me besties!

Howdy! Hope y’all have a great weekend so far 😀

I was watching Harry Potter (the 5th movie) when I was reminded how blessed I am to have been given such great best friends maself!

There are many people we’ve met in life, come and go, some stay, some need to be thrown away (true!), and only few that must be treasured! the last group of people are called: ma best friends aka me besties.

There are four different of people I’ve met in life (this is just me, okay!): 1) acquaintances (people i know); 2) friends (one level higher); 3) close friends (the number is getting smaller here!); and 4) best friends (should i say more?)

My best friends are the best people given into my life. Our friendship has been through many seasons: joy, laughter, sadness, misery, broken hearts, falling in love, jobless, new job, one birthday after another, new years, distance, marriage, birth, even the loss of our loved ones.

Nelya, Ninie, Yanti, and me, are the “gurls gank”. We’ve been friends since high school, although each of us were (some still are) also member of other gangs. What  interesting is the four of us is very different, tho’ Nelya and Yanti are big fans of Korean movies/tv series (somehow Indri was attracted to as well, but not me! nu-uh!), and Indri and I love purple, that’s all what we have in common (good thing is: our taste of man is totally different *winks*)!

me - Yanti - Nelya - Ninie aka the Gurls Gank
me – Yanti – Nelya – Ninie aka the Gurls Gank

I remember when I was assigned in Lahewa (Nias) and my Mum’s nurse called me for urgent matters or when my Mum was hospitalized, I could always count on them when I could not be there for her. When She passed away and I was still in North Sulawesi, they were there, a phone away, waited for me at the airport, hug me, shared my pain, be there with me throughout the funeral process… just be there with me, for me, always…

We have our different lifes indeed, with works, love life :P, family, other gangs “membership” (hahaha), and we don’t see each other quite often, but we are (still and always) close, trying to have at least monthly “meeting” if possible, or simply just chat on our whatsapp group! And we are still planning to go on holiday together, dunno when and where to, but sooner or later we’ll make it come true, as part of our “frienaissance”

The only best friend I’ve had during (and from) university time is Walla, whom I share a lot in common: we both love eating, seeing movies, going to the library at Taman Ismail Marzuki, and we both love talking! During the many sleepovers, we always talked and laughed until Adzan Subuh, always! 

me, Walla and her two cute lil darlings
me, Walla and her two cute lil darlings

I managed to change her “routine” of going home from campus on time to midnite! Luckily, bang Iq, her oldest bro, really trusted me (still does!) so he never questioned (or actually stopped questioning *evilgrinning*) why she came home waaay later than the usual hour. But we didn’t really do anything tho’, just sitting and enjoying our nasi goreng pak Gendut, obviously, (wonder where Mr. Fatman is selling his fried rice now) while busy with the endless talking 😀

We have shared each other’s ups and downs as well. And tho’ we rarely see each other since she’s moved to Lombok and been busy with her family (Mr. Hubby aka BK and their two lovely daughters), we’re only an SMS or WA or phone or facebook away.

Flo aka Mad Brenda (that’s how she calls herself) aka “my B” (how I love to call her), is one of a kind lady whom I love dearly and so thankful to have as bestie ❤ We went back to early 2000s when I first listened to her beautiful and unique voice on the air of Jakarta before we’ve become friends! There are many reasons to love her, and her personality is just one of them. A very caring person, rational, straight to the point, very independent, funny, and the list goes on!

A pleasant surprise at Java Jazz!

We’ve shared great times and memories together! The sleepover in Makassar during her work trip, the tuna sandwich she loves so much, the secret laughter and the exchanging looks we’ve shared during our hangouts, the endless talks about many things, accompanying her broadcasting at the studio, and so many other great memories! You couldn’t ask for a better bestie!

Kakak Aydo, is the last but surely not the least on my best friend list (think I won’t be adding any name soon)! We  worked together in water sanitation project in Sulawesi. Once she was too kind and people took advantage on her kindness, and I didn’t like it! But she’s changed, and she’s learned to say “No”, thanks to me, nyahahaha 😀 😛 (don’t care about people who hate me for this!)

what kakak Aydo and I love to do: taking endless selfie 😀

She’s one very funny person, (although sometimes she can be very garing, hehehe). We both love dogs, and I managed to “transmit” some of my “hobbies” to her: a career in monitoring and evaluation, eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, and staying at home (im a cancer – a home person :D). Fortunately, she still can’t make me share her hobbies like eating pete (yikes), sea fish (no way!) or even eating all Makassarians food: konro, coto, pallu and the rest of their “family members” (no thanks!)

I am so grateful to have the six of them as my best friends.. They’re the best-est friends that someone could ever ask for, and I am one lucky person that they’re all mine!

Treasure the best friends we have, for others might not so be lucky and blessed to have great friends like ours!

**Million of Memories, Thousands of Jokes, Hundreds of Secrets**

**One Reason**

**Best Friends**


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