a lil break to the Eastern (my kinda holiday)

Being a “Jakartan” and have to deal with its complexity everyday is sometimes too much for me! Therefore, I always look for any opportunities that enable me to get away from the city, just to go to places where I can breath fresh air and stay away from the daily routines (read: traffic).

I am very fortunate  that my job requires me to travel to places that no way I will go to if I have to pay for myself. I mean, those places are not tourist-famous-destinations, quite expensive and difficult to access, mostly in remote areas, but God – how beautiful they are! I guess since not many people come and somehow ruin its natural beauty (unlike those tourist spots).

December last year, I had to conduct monitoring to two of the project sites where we (read: my office) are implementing health and nutrition program for those under-nourished children, as well as for pregnant and lactating women and elementary school students. The locations are in Kupang district and Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) district in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province.

the parents (moms) preparing healthy food for elementary students in SoE

I stayed the night over in Kupang, and went to SoE (capital of TTS) the next morning. The journey to SoE was 2.5 hours drive and another hour to Nunumeu village, our first stop. We were there to see Posyandu Day, to learn how the health cadres do the measurements and educate the mothers. Really love being surrounded by mothers with their babies and little children. Seeing their innocence faces, bright eyes, naughtiness, made me feel very grateful to have that two hours with them.

Enjoying her healthy snack
Adorable faces

On second day, I went to Amabi Oefeto, a sub-district in Kupang to see the school meals program implementation. Not only do we support schools in providing additional meals, we also educate the teachers and students on health campaign. I was excited to see students running to their hand-washing stations before having their meals 🙂

Beautiful scenery along the way from Kupang city to TTS, ability to breath unpolluted air, seeing the smiles and laughter of the children, looking at schools students playing jumping rope (lompat karet) or hide and seek (petak umpet), it was just amazing! The three days I spent in NTT was really refreshing and wonderful experience, and great short escape! 

Traditional house in SoE
Being spoiled by the beautiful nature ❤

It was indeed not the kind of holiday that most people have in mind! But for me, a lil break from Jakarta is always something I long for, can’t wait for!  How many of us are lucky enough to travel to great places for work-related-purpose? I am thankful to be  given such privilege 🙂

Just because it calls “little” does not mean that it is “little”! Because a lil break can have BIG impact 🙂


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