Montreal et Quebec City

On the third part of my Canada story, I want to share with you my experience in Quebec province, well parts of it: Montreal and Quebec City!

Montreal is about two hours drive from Ottawa where I stayed, so I took the Greyhound bus and stayed there for three days. Since I am new to the region, I chose quite the cheapest yet a very good hostel there which apparently is located in the Gay Village! I have nothing against gay, frankly speaking, tho’ I spent the first day wondering why I kept seeing woman (and man) kissing another woman (and man). Only when I got back to my hostel then I realised that I am staying rite in the heart of the Gay Village 😀

Notre Dame Basilica
Horse Carriage in Montreal
main street of Gay Village
Fortification of Montreal
light the candles up
streets in Montreal
contemporary art in Montreal
double decker Montreal! (dats me on the front seat) 😀
Montreal City view

I love Montreal, I can just simply walk around the city feeling the summer breeze, enjoying the many beautiful buildings, wandering along St. Catherine, eating poutine, riding the double decker, visiting the Notre Dame, admiring the streets-contemporary-arts, sitting in the park, taking pictures, enjoying the view of the city from St. Joseph Observatory, all by myself ❤

While in Montreal, I purposely spent a day to go to Quebec City, about an hour drive by the Greyhound again 🙂 – My former boss (I stayed at his place in Ottawa) said that Quebec City is like a small version of Europe! And it is indeed a small version of Europe! Very beautiful houses, shops, the lower and upper cities (you can just walk and climb the stairs to go between the two cities, or you can ride the funicular like I did just to get the experience!). It’s like being thrown back in times, Quebec City!

I love Quebec City!
the famous Quebec City’s mural
shop decoration in Quebec City
Levi’s city across Quebec City
inside the church
the Upper Quebec City
Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City
where do you want to go in Quebec City?
beautiful Quebec City ❤
lunch, anyone? 🙂
the funicular

But since you’re in Quebec province, everyone of course speaks French, and it is difficult for me who don’t, and they don’t seem to bother translating any announcements, sigh… That’s the fun part I guess, when you have to guess what the announcement is about 😛 Even when one of the bus passengers asked the driver “English please” – the driver just  smiled and didn’t translate, hahaha 😀 At the end of the day I learned several words including “sortie” 😀


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