HK – Macau

My first ever trip to China is visiting Hong Kong and Macau, thanks to my dear friend tante Luci who insisted that I have to join the tour! Frankly, Im not such a fan of visiting the places where people don’t speak English (or I don’t speak their language) and where the writing is no-use for me (if I don’t speak the language, how can I even understand the writing?) 😦

Hong Kong Disneyland
ride if you dare!
Barking Pass for Bobii only ❤
Tarzan and Jeane 😀
Minnie: Hey Mickey you’re so fine!

But since this is a tour with a tour guide who apparently does not speak Chinese either – $@#$$%$#$! – tho’ we have local tour guide – I decided to join the tour! A note for me, when you join a tour, make sure that don’t charge you with endless additional fee without prior information – and make you visit places where they “force” you to buy stuff! Good thing that I have my unfriendly look and can be harsh when I have to, so I can avoid these things!

Honking view from the Peak
always purple!
us three in Macau
the dancing fountain

What I enjoy the most is the visit to Disneyland! It was my first Disney experience 😀 A short trip in Macau was fun too! Seeing the dancing colourful fountain, experiencing little Vegas, not bad!

Jet Li!
how do I look taking my own reflection?
Victoria harbor
colourful dancing fountain

Hong Kong, Macau, since I already visited you both, it will be a long time before I will return (unless someone pays the trip, hahahaha! A girl can dream, right?) 😀


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