first Love never dies

Maybe first love never ever dies that’s why Im still in love with you
Hold me close and look into my eyes and tell me you don’t feel it too
The way it used to be when you told me it would be forever, you and me together

And, we never really said goodbye – we never really said its over
We never really said goodbye
First love never dies

When I saw you I could hardly speak – You’re just as beautiful as ever babe
I guess its still the same mystique
First love never dies

Maybe you just wasted all of your love, we cant go back but we go on
Singing love songs we have once begun before we drifted far apart
Before I knew I lost my heart to your forever – only you (only you)
With my life together

The first love, never dies, It never dies (it never does)
First love never dies…

Song by Eugene Wilde and Joanna Wilder


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